Webcams are essential devices for laptops, especially in the era of remote work and online communication. However, not all webcams are created equal. Some offer better resolution, frame rate, autofocus, lighting, and microphone than others. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best webcams for laptops in 2023. These webcams are compatible with most laptops and operating systems, and they deliver excellent video quality and features. Here are our top picks:

Our Top Picks

1. Best Overall: Logitech C920

The Logitech C920 is one of the most popular and trusted webcams in the market. It offers full HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second, with crisp details and vibrant colors. It also has dual stereo microphones with noise cancellation, and a glass lens with autofocus and light correction. The C920 is easy to set up and use, with a flexible clip that fits most laptops and monitors. It also comes with Logitech Capture software that lets you customize your settings and record videos.

2. Best Budget: Logitech HD Webcam C310

The Logitech HD Webcam C310 is a great option for those who want a reliable and affordable webcam. It delivers HD 720p video at 30 frames per second, with clear sound and decent image quality. It has a built-in microphone with noise reduction, and a fixed-focus lens that adjusts to your environment. The C310 is compatible with most video calling apps and platforms, and it has a simple plug-and-play installation.

3. Best 4K: Logitech BRIO

The Logitech BRIO is one of the best 4K webcams for laptops available today. It offers ultra HD 4K video at 30 frames per second, or full HD 1080p video at 60 frames per second. It also has HDR technology that enhances the contrast and color of your video, and a 5x digital zoom that lets you crop and pan your image. The BRIO has a premium glass lens with autofocus and light correction, and three microphones with noise cancellation. It also supports Windows Hello facial recognition for secure login.

4. Best for Streaming: Razer Kiyo

The Razer Kiyo is a webcam designed for streamers and content creators. It features a ring light that illuminates your face with adjustable brightness levels, and a sharp 1080p video at 30 frames per second. It also has a fast autofocus system that keeps you in focus even when you move around, and a built-in microphone that captures your voice clearly. The Kiyo is compatible with most streaming software and platforms, such as OBS, XSplit, Twitch, YouTube, and more.

5. Best Portable: Anker PowerConf C200

The Anker PowerConf C200 is a webcam that you can take anywhere with you. It is a compact and lightweight device that attaches to your laptop or monitor with a magnetic clip. It offers full HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second, with a wide-angle lens that covers more of your surroundings. It also has dual microphones with noise reduction, and an AI algorithm that enhances your voice and image quality. The C200 has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 90 minutes of continuous use.


Buying Guide

If you’re looking for the best webcams for laptops, you might be overwhelmed by the number of options available in the market. To help you narrow down your choices, here are some things to consider before buying a webcam:

  • Resolution: The higher the resolution, the clearer and sharper your video will be. A 1080p webcam is ideal for most purposes, but if you want the best quality possible, you can opt for a 4K webcam that can capture every detail.
  • Frame rate: The frame rate determines how smooth your video will be. A higher frame rate means less motion blur and stuttering. A 30fps webcam is sufficient for most users, but if you want a more fluid and realistic video, you can go for a 60fps webcam that can handle fast movements.
  • Autofocus: Autofocus is a feature that allows the webcam to adjust its focus automatically depending on the distance and lighting of the subject. This can make your video look more professional and avoid blurry or out-of-focus images. A webcam with autofocus can also track your face and keep it in focus even if you move around.
  • Microphone: A microphone is essential for capturing clear and crisp audio during your video calls or recordings. A webcam with a built-in microphone can save you space and money, but it might not offer the best sound quality or noise cancellation. A webcam with a separate microphone can give you more control and flexibility over your audio settings.


Q: How do I set up my webcam on my laptop?

A: To set up your webcam on your laptop, you need to plug it into a USB port and install the drivers or software that came with it. You can also use the Windows Camera app or other third-party apps to test and adjust your webcam settings.

Q: How do I improve my webcam lighting?

A: To improve your webcam lighting, you need to make sure that you have enough natural or artificial light in front of you. Avoid having bright lights behind you or above you, as they can create shadows or glare on your face. You can also use a ring light or a desk lamp to illuminate your face evenly.

Q: How do I protect my privacy with my webcam?

A: To protect your privacy with your webcam, you need to make sure that you turn it off when not in use and cover it with a sticker or a sliding cover when not needed. You can also disable your webcam in the Device Manager or uninstall its drivers if you want to prevent unauthorized access.


Webcams are useful devices that can enhance your video communication and content creation. Whether you need a webcam for work, education, entertainment, or personal use, you can find the best webcams for laptops that suit your needs and budget. Some of the best webcams for laptops in 2023 are the Logitech C920, the Logitech Brio, the Razer Kiyo Pro, the Elgato Facecam Pro, and the Obsbot Meet 4K. These webcams offer high resolution, frame rate, autofocus, microphone, and other features that can make your video experience better.

By Casper Farrell

Casper is a seasoned content creator and live streaming expert. With years of experience in the world of online content, Casper understands the importance of high-quality webcams in delivering engaging and professional-looking videos. He specializes in reviewing webcams for streaming, gaming, and content creation purposes, focusing on factors such as frame rates, low-light performance, and compatibility with popular streaming platforms. Casper's aim is to assist users in finding the ideal webcam to enhance their streaming and content creation endeavors.

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